Consumer Credit Rights



The more you know about your financial status the more opportunities you will have in our complex economy.  If you have delinquent or overdue accounts that maybe costing hundreds of dollars every year in higher insurance rates, finance costs, and other related expenses that are evaluated by your credit standing.  Only you can make the changes to improve your credit standing.  Your financial standing is much more important than most people realize.  My office can help you take control of your financial standing, and improve your personal financial situation in a relatively short period of time.

There are numerous Federal and State statutes that can help you improve your credit history, and credit score.  If you haven’t reviewed your credit report in the last year, you should!

The credit bureaus make ???? credit entry mistakes every year.  Don’t let your credit worthiness be harmed by the negligence or carelessness of the credit reporting agencies.  The only person who can take steps to protect and improve your credit history is you.


If you have three or more delinquent accounts with burdensome account balances, it may be in your best interest to declare bankruptcy.  Upon filing the bankruptcy creates an Automatic Stay.  This portion of the bankruptcy law stops most creditors from contacting you, trying to collect from you, trying to sue you to recover a judgment.  You are to still keep your house, car, and other necessities that you use in everyday life.

If you need a fresh start, or to clear up old debts that are hurting your credit score bankruptcy may be the best option for you.  The earlier you begin the process to clear up the old debts the faster your credit score will be improved.  Take the first step, get the information you need.